Matt Neary
Education. I am in my final year at Harvard College, studying History & Science and writing a thesis on the history of computing in the twentieth century. As part of my degree I have also taken many interesting computer science courses on topics like Programming Languages, Quantum Computing, and Data Structures & Algorithms.

Employment. My first job was as a software engineer at Kenexis, working on their software tools for chemical engineering projects. While there I overhauled the platform to do risk analysis on uploaded CAD models rather than require manual input of the layout and contents of a facility. I then implemented interactive, full 3d visualization of the results in the browser.
During my college years I have worked at Kensho for a total of more than three years, working full-time for three semesters and four summers. At Kensho I worked as a full-stack engineer and led the development of our second generation analytics product. The product, called Kensho Sheets, was used by our internal financial research team and clients at some of the largest banks in the world. It aimed to bring data science and machine learning techniques to non-programmers working on Wall Street.

Projects. I have many open source projects on Github. Some of my favorites are Mimesis—a command line screencaster—and command-t—a custom New Tab page for chrome that lets you search your unfortunately large number of open tabs and switch to them, accessible by a single keystroke. I also designed concrete and for the first time felt I had decoupled the weirdness of parsers from the code needed to define one.