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I designed and implemented a Scheme-like programming langauge, optimizing for simplicity.


I made a domain-specific programming language for parsing formal grammars within Swift, hoping to provide a more hands-on way to learn about languages.


I designed and implemented a type system for JavaScript to help developers write bug-free code.


I built tools for developers which would allow them to write tests and documentation for their software all in one place, and in the same languages which they use everyday.


I implemented CAD software in Haskell with the goal of making interaction with 3d objects easier.


I designed and built software to help authors generate fully typeset books from regular text documents.


I rethought the graphing calculator, basing its use on a very terse and powerful programming language: APL.


I made a tool for JavaScript programmers which allows them to assess whether the performance difference between two procedures is statistically significant.


I redesigned JavaScript to allow for a different style of programming by first streamlining the syntax and then providing macros.

I made an interactive drawer of chemical formulae which can illustrate the structure of any molecule.


I sold a graphing app to thousands of iPad users across the nation. I designed and implemented all functionality.


After talking to a sample of schools, I designed an iPad app to solve the many problems which they had encountered with their existing software and then marketed it to schools across the nation.


I cofounded a tech startup to provide athletes with peer-based learning. I contributed to vision and managed a team of developers

I made a webapp for drag-and-drop file transfer across the internet to allow anyone to bypass the inconveniences of email and flashdrives.

Deriving Rubik's Cube Methodology

I attempted to derive tactics for solving a Rubik's cube by first analyzing the nature of cube moves and then exploring these interactions through the lens of group theory.

Verification of an Interpreter

To illustrate the interesting ideas involved in programming languages, I designed and implemented a super simple language in high school algebra and then proved its implementation correct.

Tarpits & Abstraction

I wrote a book exploring computation from first principles, from the formulation of posulates to the simulation, interpretation, and self-hosting of a common programming language.


I started a blog to hold any essays I might write about ideas, aesthetics, or human nature.