Matt Neary

“Lock yourself in your room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers.” (Kanye West.)


Tarpits & Abstraction

I wrote a book exploring computation from first principles—from the formulation of posulates to the simulation, interpretation, and self-hosting of a common programming language.


I designed a modern alternative to the AWK programming language: a lisp with powerful stream-manipulating primitives that makes for readable bash one-liners.


I designed and implemented a type system for JavaScript to help developers write bug-free code.


I built a tool that allows developer workflows to be managed alongside source-code. With Tux, projects are configured to depend on certain processes; a user can then summon or reset a project's processes with a single command.


After talking to a sample of schools I designed an iPad app to solve the many problems which they had encountered with their existing software. The app has been deployed by high schools across the country.